• Clear Inflatable Bubble Tent

    Clear Inflatable Bubble Tent

    The clear inflatable bubble tent will make non-outdoorsy people agree to go camping with you. With incredible panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, the bizarre transparent structures are designed to get people as close to nature as possible. Having a night under the stars or seeing the sun rise and set is not something that […]

  • Homey Voice Command Gadget

    Homey – Voice Command Gadget

    Homey brings your home to life. It can talk to many devices, and you can talk to Homey. Say what you want, when you want it, and Homey takes care of it. Homey learns your ways and predicts which things to do, to make you happy. Homey isn’t the first crowdfunded home automation platform we’ve […]

  • Must Have Gadgets For Minecraft Fans

    Must Have Gadgets For Minecraft Fans

    1. Minecraft Pixelated Pickaxe The Minecraft Foam Pickaxe is made from sturdy EVA foam, which means that unlike the stone pickaxe in the game, the Minecraft Foam Pickaxe will withstand far more than 132 uses. This weapon combine the in-game 8-bit look with the heft of a real blunt force object. EVA makes the Minecraft […]

  • Self Driving Cars Will Be Here Soon

    Self-Driving Cars Will Be Here Soon

    As we read Elon Musk and Sam Altman predict self-driving cars will be on the road in just a few years. Sam Altman said that self-driving cars are going to get here much faster than people think. He thought we’d see them in three to four years. Musk, who heads electric car company Tesla, […]

  • Flike Electronic Personal Flight Device

    Flike Electronic Personal Flight Device

    Flike is a revolutionary, all-electric personal flight device under development in Hungary. It is a coaxial, Y6-layout tricopter, which means that the lift is generated by six rotors, grouped in counter-rotating pairs of three axes, equally located around a circle. Flike is equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries, allowing for around 15 to 20 minutes of […]

  • Jet Capsule Mini Luxury Yacht 1

    Jet Capsule Mini Luxury Yacht

    The Jet Capsule is a compact water craft measuring 7.5 m (24.6 ft) long and 3.5 m (11.5ft) wide. The futuristic looking vessel can be customized to suit a myriad of purposes, including a water taxi, emergency water vehicle, patrol boat, scuba diving vessel or recreational cruiser. The Jet Capsule is a mini-yacht that’s just […]

  • 5 Best LED TVs In India That Offer Value for Money

    5 Best LED TVs In India That Offer Value For Money

    Most of the modern TV viewers of India have moved on to LED TV sets from the regular screen versions that were ruling the market even few years back. The reason behind this is primarily the sleek and slim design and the freedom to hang it on the wall of a room that frees up […]

  • Solar Power Socket

    Solar Power Socket

    Designers Kyuho Song & Boa Oh have developed the brilliant solar power window socket, a portable device intended to enable you to use electricity freely and conveniently in a space restricted in the use of electricity, such as a plane, a car, and outdoors. The Solar Power Socket attaches easily to any window and is […]

  • GinzVelo Electric Hybrid Bike

    GinzVelo Electric Hybrid Bike

    GinzVelo starts with an ICE Adventure recumbent trike and adds a fiberglass and foam core body to protect the rider. The GinzVelo takes the form of a recumbent tricycle surrounded by a sleek fiberglass and foam core body shell, which is the basic design used by most velomobiles. The shell aids in aerodynamics, shields the […]

  • CXC Motion Pro II Simulator

    CXC Motion Pro II Racing Simulator

    The CXC Motion Pro II is the most advanced racing simulator on the market. High-quality materials, sleek design and a commitment to craftsmanship characterize this product. this products. When you get behind the wheel of a CXC simulator it’s easy to forget that you aren’t actually on the racetrack. The laser-cut steel, Italian leather and […]

  • Samsung Gold UHD TV Set at Charity Auction

    Samsung Gold Painted UHD TV

    As we read on Samusung has teamed up with Korean artist Sung Yong Hong to create a masterpiece out of the 78-inches curved UDH TV. It will become the luxury gadget of the year. Hong, who specializes in Ottchil- a Korean lacquer painting technique from Neolithic Era, created a beautiful Ottchil portrait with a […]

  • Behemoth Custom Bike

    Behemoth Custom Bike

    Game Over Cycles, the Polish company which specializes in the construction of custom motorcycles and vintage cars restoration, recently announced a collaboration with the country’s veteran extreme metallers BEHEMOTH and particularly the bands leader, Adam Nergal Darski. Dark and powerful are two words that describe this bike, as well as the music that the band […]