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Zyntony Torch – Worlds First StrapLight

The Zyntony Torch is a super-bright 4,000 lumens of warm, ultra-durable, waterproof, portable & rechargeable torch. The Torch features a full 360° of light.

G-RO Revolutionary Luggage

G-RO Revolutionary Luggage is an indispensable piece of luggage for the frequent traveler. It provides attractive & ergonomic solutions to our travel needs.

Lapa 2 Evolution Object Finder

Lapa 2 Object Finder is a evolution object finder that overcomes all obstacles to keep your things safe. Uses Bluetooth to keep you connected to your things


Seatylock is a bicycle saddle and lock in one. It quickly transforms into a one meter solid lock that enables you to lock your bike to a fixed object.

Athena Smart Safety Jewelry

Athena is a smart jewelry that emits a loud alarm and send messages to your loved ones with your location, only with one click, at the touch of a button.

WallJax Wireless Charger

The WallJax Wireless Charger is a wireless cell phone charger based on the Qi wireless power standard. It plugs directly into an existing 120-Volt outlet.

LUMA Active Sports Lighting Headgear

The LUMA Active Lighting Headgear is world's first all in one caps and headbands for outdoor sports that light up your way and keep you visible and safe.

ShareRoller E-Power For Bikes & Scooters

The ShareRoller is a compact & portable device that provides electric power in seconds to any bike or scooter and it can be installed or removed in seconds.

Starling – Child’s Wearable Boost IQ

The Starling is a smart little device that pairs with its smartphone app to your phone and tracks the number of words your child says and hears each day.

Norre Tail Scale

The Norre Tail Scale is a remarkable new way to measure fish. The Norre Tail Scale finds the fish's length and weight based on the width of the tail fin.

Helios iPhone Charging Case

Helios iPhone Charging Case is the world's slimmest iPhone wireless Qi charging case. Not only protects your it but also adds a wireless charging function.

ATOM Portable Battery & Power Outlet

The ATOM is a small portable battery with a built-in power outlet. Take with you a portable electrical device and power thousands devices anywhere you go.

Solu – The Smallest Computer

Solu is the world's smallest computer is is an advanced cloud-linked computer with a revolutionary human-machine interface and a unique subscription model.

Brunswick Park Clothing Line

The Brunswick Park Clothing Line is a line of performance apparel for those who work and play blend together, who get up early and stay out late.

The Dipper Audio Necklace

The Dipper Audio Necklace has premium headphones made into a necklace that sounds as good as it looks. The Dipper, seamlessly blends style and function.

COMET – First Floating Smartphone

Comet is the first floating smartphone, Android powered with latest in technology, high speed processor, elegant design & 16 Megapixels front & rear camera.

Rig Master Guitar-Bass Gear Control

The Rig Master is a system that allows you to control any analog dial with a foot pedal or a tablet. So any knob on any amp or pedal could be controlled.

Keyforall Smart Lock

The Keyforall is a smart lock that uses the Cloud to make it simple to access, manage, and track the door to your home. It unlocks and watches your door.

NepTune Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The NepTune Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a water-resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker with powerful sound that you can hang just about anywhere.

Plus Watch Heart Rate Wristwatch

The Plus Watch Heart Rate Wristwatch is the first of its kind smart wrist watch with heart rate monitor & other health features (step & calories monitors) .

Addlight Light Bulb

Addlight Light Bulb is a light bulb with 16 million colours that you can control from your phone through an App. You can colour your life with Addlight.

DogStar TailTalk Dog Emotion Sensor

The TailTalk Dog Emotion Sensor is a new device that attaches to a dog’s tail and allows users to track their dog's emotions during the course of the day.

7Bot Robotic Arm

The 7Bot Robotic Arm is world's first $350 robotic arm with computer vision and state of the art AI. Replicate your motion precisely without coding.


MagCable is a reversible charging cable that uses magnets to help you charge a smartphone without distressing about fraying or snapping off of the cord.