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Latest Gadgets & Innovations

  • Woof Washer 360 1

    Woof Washer 360

    The Woof Washer 360 helps you wash your dog in less than a minute. The watery spokes clean your dog from top to toe, without getting water in dog ‘s eyes.

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  • Simple Corn Stripper Peeler 1

    Simple Corn Stripper Peeler

    With the Simple Corn Stripper Peeler the removing of corn kernels from cobs has never been easier. It features a 1/2-cup capacity container for the kernels.

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    Cake Batter Dispenser 1

    Cake Batter Dispenser

    The Cake Batter Dispenser has 900 ml batter capacity and it’s ideal for cupcake batter, pancakes and muffins. It eliminates the mess in the kitchen.

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  • Fire Pit Picnic Table 1

    Fire Pit Picnic Table

    The Fire Pit Picnic Table is just a handmade picnic table with a built in fire pit. It is powered by a propane tank & it will keep you warm for many hours.

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  • 2-Person Hammock Swing

    2-Person Hammock Swing

    The 2-Person Hammock Swing is a classic 2-seater rope hammock that offers you perfect relaxation if you have it to your porch, backyard or shady spot.

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    Automatic Digital Money Counting Jar 2

    Automatic Digital Money Counting Jar

    The Automatic Digital Money Counting Jar helps count your coins as they slip through the slot. Accurately counts your money and recalculates the total.

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  • Personalized Superhero Figurines

    Personalized Superhero Figurines

    With the Personalized Superhero Figurines you can transform yourself into a superhero fighter. Just send photos of your face & choose the uniform you want.

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  • Motion Pro II Racing Simulator

    Motion Pro II Racing Simulator

    The Motion Pro II is the most advanced racing simulator on the market, with a wrap around screen, force-feedback & motors that will jostle the chair around.

    $54,000.00 Get it!
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    iPhone 4-4S Stun Gun Case 1

    iPhone 4-4S Stun Gun Case

    The iPhone 4-4S Stun Gun Case is a unique combination of smartphone case and stun gun & it contains a 650K volt stun gun capable of taking down an attacker.

    $139.99 $24.99 Get it!
  • DTV Shredder Off Road Skateboard

    DTV Shredder Off Road Skateboard

    DTV Shredder is an ultimate off road Skateboard designed to appeal to a variety of extreme sports fans, the Shredder is a personal vehicle unlike any other.

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  • SlingKing Water Balloon Launcher

    SlingKing Water Balloon Launcher

    The SlingKing Water Balloon Launcher is the original wrist-rocket style one person water balloon slingshot. Enjoy warm weather fun with this fun gadget.

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  • Modern Wood Wall Clock

    Modern Wood Wall Clock

    The Modern Wood Wall Clock is custom handmade clock made from a variety of hand-sawed tree branches & it will beautifully accentuate any room in your home.

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  • Magic Butter Knife 1

    Magic Butter Knife

    The magic butter knife is a cool kitchen gadget with ergonomic design & 3 functions, grater, slicer & curler that makes it easy to curl, swirl & slice butter

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  • Unique Racing Desk 1

    Unique Racing Desk

    Decorate your office with this unique racing desks. They have a sleek design that mimics the real shape of a Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Murcielago.

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    Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Tent 1

    Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Tent

    The Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Tent is is one of the bigger camping tents in the market and it offers ample space for sleeping for ten people.

    $299.99 $186.41 Get it!
  • Gummy Pizza in a Box 2

    Gummy Pizza In A Box

    The Gummy Pizza In A Box is an eight inch gummy pizza that looks like real pizza & it comes in a real cardboard pizza box. The ingredients have gummy flavor.

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  • Swing Grill Charcoal Barbecue 1

    Swing Grill Charcoal Barbecue

    The Swing Grill Charcoal Barbecue is the perfect choice for any outdoor catering venue, event or garden party when you have to feed a mob of people.

    $3,589.09 Get it!
  • Tiny Hands 3

    Tiny Hands

    The Tiny Hands are hilarious pair of itty-bitty hands. They’re about five times too small for your body and you can make all your friends laugh out loud.

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    360° Spinning Photo Cube

    360° Spinning Photo Cube

    The Vibe 360° Spinning Photo Cube gives the illusion that is floating and it displays six of your photos at an angle so all of your photos are visible.

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  • Super Mario Maker

    Super Mario Maker

    With the Super Mario Maker you can play a near-limitless number of new levels created by players around the world. Bring your wildest game ideas to life.

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    USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter 1

    USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter

    The USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter features a flip out USB connection and heating coil, so there is no need for refilling with expensive fuels, flints.

    $19.99 $6.99 Get it!
  • Alligator Head Decoy 1

    Alligator Head Decoy

    The Alligator Head Decoy is made with exceptional detail, so it is to be a valuable deterrent for unwanted pond visitations. It keeps unwanted guests away.

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  • JD Humanoid Robot Kit 1

    JD Humanoid Robot Kit

    JD is a fully functional humanoid robot kit. It has 16 motorized joints that it has you can make him walk, dance or anything that you want to teach him.

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    Wine Bracelet Thermometer 1

    Wine Bracelet Thermometer

    The Wine Bracelet Thermometer is a stainless steel bracelet thermometer that shows your wine’s temperature. See if your wine is at the perfect temperature.

    $7.05 $3.99 Get it!
  • H2O Go Triple Water Slide

    H2O Go Triple Water Slide

    The H2O Go Triple Water Slide provides a soft landing and glides you onto the slide for the smoothest, wettest, fastest ride. It offers more summer fun.

    $66.99 Get it!
  • Bluesmart The First Smart Luggage 1

    Bluesmart The First Smart Luggage

    Bluesmart is a smart and high-quality carry-on luggage that connects to your smartphone. It enables you with amazing features that change the way you travel.

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  • Refuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge 1

    Refuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge

    With the Refuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge you’ll never get caught off guard by said BBQ bummer again. It ensures that your tank is ready when you need it.

    $49.99 Get it!
  • Newton's Cradle Fridge Magnet 1

    Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet

    With the Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet your refrigerator can demonstrate the laws of conservation of mass and energy each time you open and close the door.

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  • Nocqua Underwater LED Light System 1

    Nocqua Underwater LED Light System

    Nocqua Underwater LED Light System offers a night time experience for your SUP, kayak, or canoe like none other. Take your night fishing to another level.

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  • Pizza Slice Inflatable Pool Float 1

    Pizza Slice Inflatable Pool Float

    The Pizza Slice Inflatable Pool Float is comfortable float cleverly designed as a six-foot slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza with two cupholders.

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  • TRIPLE TOM Triple barrel shotgun

    TRIPLE TOM Triple Barrel Shotgun

    The Chiappa Triple Tom is a unique triple-barreled over/under shotgun. Based on a traditional two-barrel design, two lower barrels & a third barrel on top.

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  • Waterscape Modular Platform 1

    Waterscape Modular Platform

    Waterscape Modular Platform is a beautifully designed floating platform system that can be customised with clip-on lighting, furniture & docking facilities.

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  • Greylith Cases

    Greylith Cases

    Greylith Cases are computer cases with minimalistic and utilitarian designs and they are made out of premium materials like aluminium and instead plastic.

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  • Cardok Double Parking Space

    Cardok Double Parking Space

    Cardok Double Parking Space is an underground parking system that doubles your parking space while providing greater security than a locked garage.

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  • PLAYBOX 4One Mk II

    PLAYBOX 4One Mk II

    The PLAYBOX 4One Mk II has both a PS4 on the left side and Xbox One on right side, inside a laptop-like enclosure. The device has a 24″ Vizio 1080p LCD.

    $2,595.00 Get it!