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    Latest Gadgets & Innovations

    • Spider Glove Launcher for Kids 1

      Spider Glove Launcher For Kids

      The Spider Glove Launcher for Kids is mounted around the glove. The Spider Glove Launcher is your kid's first step in being a dart warrior.

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    • Spacelife Jacket 1

      Spacelife Jacket

      The Spacelife Jacket is designed to resemble the classic spacesuits and offers many technical features as well as perfect protection.

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    • Big Mouth Toys Potty Piano

      Big Mouth Toys Potty Piano

      The Potty Piano is a touch of humor & music to your bathroom. Put it around your toilet's base and play a jingle while you take a tinkle.

      $20.29 Get it!
    • PYRO Fireshooter 1

      PYRO Fireshooter

      The PYRO Fireshooter is like wrist-watch and gives the ability to shoot balls of fire from their wrists with the simple click of a button.

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      Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder 1

      Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

      With the Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder find where the fishes are hiding from your smartphone or your tablet (iOS and Android devices).

      $229.00 $201.96 Get it!
    • Olde Book Messenger Bag 2

      Olde Book Messenger Bag

      The Olde Book Messenger Bag nails the look of an old, antique leather-bound big book, it's perfect if your favorite hobby is reading.

      $49.95 Get it!
    • Tetris 3D Cushions 1

      Tetris 3D Cushions

      Tetris 3D Cushions is a set of five throw and soft & squishy body pillows clad in the unmistakable shape of different Tetris puzzle pieces.

      $99.99 Get it!
    • Gear Ring 1

      Gear Ring

      The Gear Ring is made from high quality matte stainless steel with six micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun.

      $165.00 Get it!
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      X MAN Wolverine Claws 1

      X MAN Wolverine Claws

      With the X MAN Wolverine Claws feel like your favorite mutant superhero when you pull on this fierce toy and slash just like Wolverine.

      $149.99 $34.99 Get it!
    • The Beer Briefcase 1

      The Beer Briefcase

      The Beer Briefcase is a metal-look briefcase and you can carry six bottles of beers or any bottled beverage in professional way & with style

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    • Connected Cycle Pedals 1

      Connected Cycle Pedals

      The Connected Cycle Pedals are anti-theft and activity tracking pedals that record all your rides paths and statistics on your phone.

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    • Work-It Skort 1

      Work-It Skort

      The Work-It Skort is a skirt with built-in shorts. With Work-It Skort you are looking sharp it will keep up with all your activities.

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