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Latest Gadgets & Innovations

  • Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard 1

    Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard

    Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard is the fastest most powerful board, with faster acceleration, higher top speed, stronger braking & bluetooth remote control

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  • Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa 1

    Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa

    The Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa is the the ultimate home spa experience. It converts any plain old bath tub into an instrument of hot tub pleasure & relaxation

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  • Moon Spinning Globe

    Moon Spinning Globe

    The Moon Spinning Globe is the perfect focal point for any room or office. The best part of this decoration is that it moves without you touching it.

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  • 7Bot Robotic Arm 1

    7Bot Robotic Arm

    The 7Bot Robotic Arm is world’s first $350 robotic arm with computer vision and state of the art AI. Replicate your motion precisely without coding.

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    PETLY Automatic Pet Feeder 1

    PETLY Automatic Pet Feeder

    PETLY Automatic Pet Feeder is a pet appliance for a small dog/cat that automatically feeds the set amount of dried food when the timer is set.

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  • Electric Folding Bike Model V 1

    Electric Folding Bike Model V

    The Electric Folding Bike Model V is constructed of hydroformed aluminium and composite reinforced polymer designed to give you freedom & flexibility.

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    Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker 1

    Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker

    With the Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker will enable you to make delicious sushi quickly & easily at home. Simply stuff it with rice & the other ingredients.

    $25.00 $18.98 Get it!
  • Goodminton 1


    Goodminton is the world’s easiest racquet game, designed for indoor & outdoor play. The feathered birdies slow down as they spin, making them easier to hit.

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  • MagCable 1


    MagCable is a reversible charging cable that uses magnets to help you charge a smartphone without distressing about fraying or snapping off of the cord.

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  • Super Mario & Luigi Plush Slippers

    Super Mario & Luigi Plush Slippers

    The fun & geeky Super Mario & Luigi plus slippers are shaped like the heads of Luigi and Mario. They are one size unisex slippers with feet size up to 11″.

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  • Marvel Groot Mask

    Marvel Groot Mask

    Groot is a powerful living tree so make yourself look like a tree with the Marvel Groot Mask. It is officially-licensed Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise.

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  • The Tracer 1

    The Tracer Lamp

    The Tracer Lamp is a stylish, modern & reimagining table lamp. It has a 12 volt LED module which powered with a transformer that will work on all voltages.

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    Master Pan 1

    Master Pan

    With the Master Pan you can cook up to 5 different foods all at once on one burner. You will never eat a breakfast of cold eggs & hot bacon with this pan.

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  • Air Power Soccer Disc

    Air Power Soccer Disc

    The Air Power Soccer Disc combines soccer and hovercrafts so you've got yourself the multi-surface Air Power Soccer Disc. Floats on any flat surfaces.

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  • Mini Circus Clown Bike 1

    Mini Circus Clown Bike

    This Mini Circus Clown Bike is a high quality, strong, fun bike for clowning. The taller the person riding it the funnier it is. Built so adults can ride it.

    $199.99 Get it!
  • Star Wars Chop Sabers 1

    Star Wars Chop Sabers

    With the Star Wars Chop Sabers have the “force” on the table. The Star Wars Chop Sabers are shinning lightsaber chopsticks from the movie Star Wars.

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  • MagMount 1


    The MagMount is the worlds best magnetic mount for all smart phones & tablets. You can stick it to your car window, dashboard or any hard, flat surface.

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  • Zyntony Torch 1

    Zyntony Torch

    The Zyntony Torch is a super-bright 4,000 lumens of warm, ultra-durable, waterproof, portable & rechargeable torch. The Torch features a full 360° of light.

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  • Glofish 1


    GloFish is glow in the dark fish that it is not injected or dyed. They inherit their color from their parents & they require same care as any other fish.

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  • Cardiff S-series 3-Wheel Skates 1

    Cardiff S-series 3-Wheel Skates

    The Cardiff S-series 3-Wheel Skate brings together the best of inline skates and strap-on roller skates. This skates are an exciting way to get everywhere.

    $159.99 Get it!
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    Mycestro Wearable Mouse

    Mycestro Wearable Mouse

    With the Mycestro Wearable Mouse control your cursor of your computer wirelessly by using natural gestures, hold your arm in any comfortable position.

    $149.99 $99.99 Get it!
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    GoPro Incase CL58084 Pro Pack 1

    GoPro Incase CL58084 Pro Pack

    The GoPro Incase CL58084 Pro Pack provides protection and transportation for the ultimate GoPro-user’s toolkit. Features 3-sided access to its central bin.

    $199.95 $148.00 Get it!
  • Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones 1

    Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

    The Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones are the latest fusion of fashion & functionality with external cat ear speakers and blue, red, green or purple LED lights.

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  • Yantouch Eye1 Music Speaker

    Yantouch Eye1 Music Speaker

    With the Yantouch Eye1 extend your ways of listening to music by bringing in a portable design which is smart and musically enriched at the same time.

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  • Unique Modern Hanging Bed 1

    Unique Modern Hanging Bed

    The unique modern Hanging Bed offers two positions, the “sleeping” and the “pull up” position which features the bed pulled all the way to the ceiling.

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  • Original 1994 PlayStation Bag

    Original 1994 PlayStation Bag

    The Original 1994 PlayStation Bag is a PlayStation airliner bag that is sleek, stylish and instantly recognisable. Made with awesome detail and lining.

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  • Rebuild Water Wheel 1

    Rebuild Water Wheel

    With the Rebuild Water Wheel increase your property value by giving your home some old world charm using this full scale water wheel.

    $14,999.00 Get it!
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    Liger Universal iPad Car Mount 1

    Liger Universal iPad Car Mount

    The Liger Universal iPad Car Mount is a flexible holder for your iPad 2,3 or 4 that can rotate 360 degrees and freely adjust to any desired viewing angles.

    $21.99 $8.99 Get it!
  • The Original Buddha Board 3

    The Original Buddha Board

    With the Original Buddha Board you simply paint on the surface with water & your creation will come to life. As the water evaporates your art will disappear.

    $13.99 Get it!
  • Chocolate Milk Mixer Mug 1

    Chocolate Milk Mixer Mug

    The Chocolate Milk Mixer Mug is a more satisfying way to drink your chocolate milk with spill resistant lid, easy to use trigger button & cool cow styling.

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  • Seabob F5 Underwater Jetski 1

    Seabob F5 Underwater Jetski

    The Seabob F5 underwater jetski uses an E-Jet power system that is controlled in 4 power levels. It stands out for its low weight and easy handling.

    $8,840.00 Get it!
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    Crosley iJuke Tabletop Jukebox

    Crosley iJuke Tabletop Jukebox

    Crosley iJuke Premier Jukebox is a scaled-down version of a classic. This iPod dock and CD player let you rock around the clock with your favorite music.

    $299.95 $199.95 Get it!
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    Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking

    Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking

    The Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking with smart scale connect to your phone or tablet and guides you through the entire baking process step-by-step.

    $67.49 $45.93 Get it!
  • ReWirable USB & 4 Travel Plugs 1

    ReWirable USB & 4 Travel Plugs

    The ReWirable USB & 4 Travel Plugs allows you to whizz around the world without the need to worry about being unable to power all the electronics you carry.

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  • Jet Blade Personal Watercraft 1

    Jet Blade Personal Watercraft

    The Jet Blade is a single-rider personal watercraft with a three-ski design, 2 skis in the front of the craft and 1 ski in the rear for increased stability.

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  • Click-Clack Tennis Table 1

    Click-Clack Tennis Table

    The Click-Clack Tennis Table is made from reclaimed rails and lumber that once supported real trains. Play table ping-pong in style with this vintage table.

    $13,995.00 Get it!
  • Planetary Glass Set 1

    Planetary Glass Set

    The Planetary Drinking Glass Set is a 10 piece set and includes the Sun, each of our planets. This set puts the solar system in the palm of your hand.

    $49.99 Get it!
  • Nessie Ladle 1

    Nessie Ladle

    The Nessie Ladle is another adorable alternative to the boring spoon you've been using, diving into your favorite soup or standing by ready to use.

    $2.35 Get it!