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Latest Gadgets & Innovations

  • Daymak Beast Electric Bike 1

    Daymak Beast Electric Bike

    The Daymak Beast is an electric bike that acts like a scooter & has functional pedals that make it street legal in most of the civilized world.

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  • Hydaway Collapsible Bottle 1

    Hydaway Collapsible Bottle

    Hydaway Collapsible Bottle is a collapsible water bottle that you can simply squish down and stick in your pocket after you finish drinking.

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  • VSSL Survival Kit And Flashlight 1

    VSSL Survival Kit And Flashlight

    The VSSL Survival Kit And Flashlight contains the outdoor gear you need for short-term excursions. Having critical supplies in a compact case is essential.

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  • G-RO Revolutionary Luggage 1

    G-RO Revolutionary Luggage

    G-RO Revolutionary Luggage is an indispensable piece of luggage for the frequent traveler. It provides attractive & ergonomic solutions to our travel needs.

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  • Cupsy Beverage Holder 1

    Cupsy Beverage Holder

    Cupsy Beverage Holder is a convenient & sturdy couch drink organizer with removable legs so you can use it in even more situations like car, bed, beach etc.

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  • Meeba Smart Doorbell 1

    Meeba Smart Doorbell

    Meeba Smart Doorbell is a smart and extremely fun doorbell & you can actually personalize the doorbell, by creating your own ringtrack through Meeba's app.

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  • Giant Champagne Cork Stool-Table

    Giant Champagne Cork Stool-Table

    The Giant Champagne Cork Stool-Table looks like it's just been popped from a giant bottle of champagne & the champagne cork can be used as table or stool.

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  • Lapa 2 Evolution Object Finder 2

    Lapa 2 Evolution Object Finder

    Lapa 2 Object Finder is a evolution object finder that overcomes all obstacles to keep your things safe. Uses Bluetooth to keep you connected to your things

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  • Swingset Table 3

    Swingset Table

    Turn mealtime into playtime when you sit down to dine on the Swingset Table. It has a creative design that features four hanging chairs.

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    Alps Ice Grips 1

    Alps Ice Grips

    The Alps Ice Grips prevent slipping on snow and ice conditions. They are made of strong rubber material and they help you to hike on packed snow or ice.

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  • MakerBot Mini 3D Printer 1

    MakerBot Mini 3D Printer

    The MakerBot Mini 3D Printer provides easy, affordable & portable 3D printing. The small design of MakerBot boasts some big features & high-quality models.

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  • Teqball Sport Table 1

    Teqball Sport Table

    Teqball Sport Table is a new sport equipment and a new sport based on football for professionals and amateurs to develop their technical skills & stamina.

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  • Scary Shower Curtain

    Scary Shower Curtain

    The shadowy & psychotic figure on Scary Shower Curtain will freak out friends & family by hanging the scary silhouette shower curtain in your guest bathroom

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  • Emoji Keyboard 2

    Emoji Keyboard

    The Emoji Keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard that doubles as an emoji machine. The regular keys work as you’d expect until you press the “emoji” modifier.

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  • Green Zero Smoke Blaster 1

    Green Zero Smoke Blaster

    The Green Zero Smoke Blaster is a ray gun that shoots smoke rings up to 12 ft, it has an elastic diaphragm that pushes a burst of air through a small opening

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  • Seatylock 1


    Seatylock is a bicycle saddle and lock in one. It quickly transforms into a one meter solid lock that enables you to lock your bike to a fixed object.

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  • Wonder Workshop Dash Robot 1

    Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

    Dash is your child first real robot friend. Packed with sensors and capabilities, Dash will race, dance, sing, and even respond to a child’s voice.

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  • Athena Smart Safety Jewelry 1

    Athena Smart Safety Jewelry

    Athena is a smart jewelry that emits a loud alarm and send messages to your loved ones with your location, only with one click, at the touch of a button.

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    Bevy Smart Photo System 1

    Bevy Smart Photo System

    The Bevy Smart Photo System is a smart connected device and app that collects, organizes and protects digital photos & videos taken by a electronic device.

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  • Magnetic Sand Hourglass 1

    Magnetic Sand Hourglass

    With the Magnet Sand Hourglass you can defy the laws of space, time, and physics and make it appear to flow in reverse. It puts a spin on the sands of time.

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  • WallJax Wireless Charger 1

    WallJax Wireless Charger

    The WallJax Wireless Charger is a wireless cell phone charger based on the Qi wireless power standard. It plugs directly into an existing 120-Volt outlet.

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    Image Lock

    Image Lock

    The Image Lock is a fun version of the classic combination lock that replaces numbers with pictures on its dial. Remember your combination more easily.

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  • Ghostbusters Proton Gun 1

    Ghostbusters Proton Gun Kit

    The Ghostbusters Proton Gun Kit is a handmade Proton Gun that is based on the hero props used in both films, Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II.

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  • NAO Evolution - V5 1

    NAO Evolution – V5

    The NAO Evolution – V5 is a humanoid robot is the ideal platform for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts at all levels

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  • Three Bottle Portable Travel Bar 1

    Three Bottle Portable Travel Bar

    The Three Bottle Portable Travel Bar is a 2 tone executive style travel bar that offers room for 3 of your favorite bottles & It has every tool you'll need.

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  • Paypal Mobile Card Reader 1

    Paypal Mobile Card Reader

    The Paypal Mobile Card Reader and accompanying app allows businesses & individuals to accept payments from credit cards to checks on iOS & Android devices.

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  • Hamper Basketball Hoop 1

    Hamper Basketball Hoop

    The Hamper Basketball Hoop is a 2-in-1 over the door basketball hoop with detachable laundry bag. It provides a fun way for kids to keep their rooms clean.

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  • Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle 1

    Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle

    Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle is one of the world’s most sought, high performance, luxury vehicles. It’s simply one of the fastest dual tracked vehicles.

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    Zippo Emergency Fire Starter 1

    Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

    With the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter, lighting a fire has never been easier. In the great outdoors, getting a fire started can be a matter of life & death.

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