Are you stressed out? Take a seat in the Anti-Stress chair, designed by Polish designer Bashko Trybek.

Bashko Trybek’s work, anchored mainly within the realm of small furniture and home accessories, is marked by a striking lightness and vivacity. Simple in forms and color, his designs seduce the imagination by inviting one to become a co-creator in the design process.

The Anti-stress Chair 1The Anti-Stress chair is just a bare metal skeleton with a gridded seating area resting on thin legs. This metal wire chair is made of small cups, each of which holds one of those squishy PU anti-stress balls that the seat transforms itself into an armchair with more than five thousand combinations in which the balls can be placed.

The Anti-stress Chair 3The Anti-Stress chair is made of a powder coated steel frame and PU stress balls. The buyers not only have a nice massage when you sit in it, but you’re also given the opportunity by the designer to create your own chair by choosing the colors and pattern of your anti-stress balls. This personalization and freedom of choice, Trybek explains, allows the user to become “emotionally involved, creating a chair of his/her ‘very own’.”

Create stripes, images, or even a CMYK chair! The balls are available in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black,) and white, turning the entire piece into a playful and interactive interpretation of printing pixels. The small chair is made of 128 balls and the large chair has 240.