The PYRO Fireshooter is like wrist-watch and gives wearers the ability to shoot balls of fire from their wrists with the simple click of a button. The fireshooters are loaded with specially-treated paper and cotton that are designed to burn quickly. The device comprises a wearable strap that looks much like a watch, and a trigger button that can be held in the other hand or dropped into a pocket when not in use.

Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrists 3Designed for illusionists by magician Adam Wilber, the Pyro Fireshooter is reminiscent of the homemade flamethrower glove created by cyberpunk weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe. Whilst not quite as full-on as Priebe’s creation, the PYRO is just as spectacular and crucially a little more refined for general sale. PYRO was inspired by flashguns that also shoot fireballs.

Each PYRO Fireshooter unit comes with 4 individually triggered barrels, meaning you can shoot off 4 fireballs before a reload is required. But also you can you use the flash packs, with each pack containing enough flash cotton and paper for over 120 uses.

Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrists 2The PYRO Unit itself has been designed to contour to the underside of the wrist, leaving the hand shooting the fireball completely empty. The supplied fastener allows the sleeve to hide the unit, while keeping out of the way of the flaming shots. The remote switch has been designed to fit comfortably and discretely in the other hand, activated with a squeeze of the fist. Small and light enough to sit in a pocket when not in use without you – or your spectators – noticing it’s there. Two AAA batteries are used to power the wearable unit and a 2032 watch battery is used to power the trigger. The strap is designed to be discreet and can be worn comfortably out of sight underneath a sleeve – that is, until it needs to be used.

The strap unit houses four chambers that are each loaded first with the cotton, to ensure ignition, and then with the paper. When the trigger is pressed, a signal is sent to the glowplug in the wearable unit. This ignites the cotton and paper, shooting them from the chamber. When the trigger is pressed again, another barrel will be discharged. The wrist-worn PYRO Fireshooter allows you to load rounds of flash paper into four separate barrels, and then simultaneously launch and ignite them one at a time, sending a ball of hurling forward about 10 feet before it vanishes. Once all four have been used, the device can be reloaded.

The Pyro Fireshooter is available for retailing at 174 dollars.