As we read on Domino’s is launching the Domino’s DXP (Delivery Expert), a specially designed and built pizza delivery vehicle that promises to deliver pizzas that are fresher than ever.

The design and production of the Domino’s DXP took over three years. It was born out of Domino’s passion for innovation and started with a five-stage crowdsourcing competition hosted by Local Motors, on the company’s open innovation platform called Open IO.

It’s based on a Chevrolet Spark, which as anyone who’s ever hired one will confirm, is one of the smallest, cheapest, but nippiest little cars around. The back is taken up with an oven that can be heated to 60 degrees Celsius to keep your pizza warm. Just like a standard pizza oven, it’s designed for easy loading and unloading, thanks to the handle.

The Delivery Expert is primarily designed for large deliveries and for long trips where food is more likely to get lukewarm during transit and unpacking. Design wise, the only seat in the car is the driver’s seat, with the passenger side given over to extra storage compartments. Inside the car, there are storage areas located in both the front and backseat locations, complete with a mechanism to keep items stable in transit. Of course, the key cog in this machine is a warming oven which Domino’s placed right behind the driver’s seat. There are also front and rear storage areas with non-slip, easy-to-clean surfaces.

Elsewhere, the DXP features a side-mounted light to illuminate sidewalks, as well a light on top of the vehicle that is switched on to indicate that the vehicle is making a delivery. Every DXP can also be personalized to include such things as the name of its driver, its call sign and its home base.

Domino’s is in the process of rolling out 100 DXPs across the US, including in Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle.