We usually buy clothes because we need to get dressed, we like them, they are in fashion or we love them. Sometimes though, we may accidentally spoil our favorite clothes. When red wine pours on our trousers or shirt, we immediately assume that we must forget this cloth because of this accident.

Wrong. Red wine can be removed with salt…!

Below we present you some clever tricks to revive your clothes.

• Spray your clothes with a little vodka to take away strong odors.
If you want to wear your favorite clothes for a second time but you do not have time to wash them, you can eliminate any odor, simply by spraying with a little vodka. The alcohol will kill the bacteria that cause annoying odors.

Leather boots agazoo• Rub your soiled leather boots with toothbrush and vinegar.
Refresh your favorite boots with a brush that you have dipped in water and vinegar first. Clean hasps with a toothbrush.

• Tighten your sunglasses with nail polish.
If the arms of your glasses are dangerously loose, apply a small coat of polish over the joints to temporarily tighten them.

• Remove chewing gum from your jeans with an ice cube.
“Freeze” the gum, leaving the cloth in the freezer for a few minutes or rubbing it with an ice cube wrapped in nylon. Then scrape it with a sharp knife to remove it, and wash normally.

Sweater• Before wearing your favorite sweater, put it in the fridge for a few hours to avoid the annoying dust and lint.
Another solution is to use a razor. Lay the sweater on a smooth surface and stretch. Make small moves with the razor to remove lint but be careful how you use it around the seams.

Make-up stains go away with shaving foam or liquid cleansing.
A common problem that women encounter is that when they want to wear or take out a blouse, they soil it with make-up. The stain can be easily removed with a spoonful of shaving foam or liquid (non-oily) cleansing before washing.

• The hairspray removes stains from lipstick.
Spray on the stain a little of hairspray and let it act for 10 minutes. With a damp cloth or sponge, rub the stain and let the washing machine do the rest.

Jeans agazoo• To remove the smell from your jeans put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for two days.
In this way, it will not fade by the repeated washes. You can also leave it in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. Water vapor will eliminate odors.

• Stick the hole that opened in your stockings with a little nail polish.
This will close the hole temporarily without anyone understanding anything.

• Get rid of sweat stains with lemon juice or vinegar.
Never wash the fabric without first stains disappear. You can rub them with a little water and lemon juice. Alternatively, soak the item in water and vinegar solution before you wash it with warm water and detergent

Sports shoes agazoo• Pour a little baking soda to your sports shoes after exercise.
To remove sweat and strong odor, sprinkle a little baking soda inside your shoes and leave it for the whole night. You can also place it individually in a plastic bag and leave it overnight in the freezer. Both ways have amazing results.

• Polish your leather shoes with glass cleanser.
This is a material that we all have in our home, and it is as effective as if we used a good varnish.

• Remove stains from red wine with salt or milk.
Lay the soiled fabric in a smooth surface and cover the stain with plenty of salt. Leave it for at least an hour and scrub with a small brush. Alternatively, cover the stain with a small towel soaked with boiling tea until absorbed without rubbing. Then pour some milk and the stain disappears.

• Remove stubborn stains from your suede handbag or shoes with a nail file or with an eraser.
Use a nail file or an eraser and with slow and gentle moves stain removes slowly.

Zipper agazoo• Detach your zipper with a little vaseline on a cotton swab.
If the zipper of your pants gets stuck the solution is simple. Putting a little of vaseline on a cotton swab and spreading it on the zipper, it opens automatically without any trouble.

• Pour a little dish soap to remove stains from oil on sensitive fabrics.
If while you are at a celebration, at a restaurant or generally at some place you need to be clean, and oil drops on your clothes, this can be easily solved by putting on the stain a little dish soap. It is advisable to realize it on time because a recent stain can be removed easier.