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I would like to introduce you to a history lesson in the Glittering World of Jewelry. The first jewelry came from Africa almost 75,000 years ago. They were shell jewelry made from sea snail shells and beads which were made from perforated ostrich egg Photo 15 Sammydress bags and accessoriesshells. In other countries, due to culture differentiation, jewelry like necklaces and bracelets were made of bone, berries, teeth, animal sinew and stone hung on pieces of string. In Russia the carved bracelets were made of mammoth tusk, while the ancient Egyptians preferred the luxury of gold in combination with colored glass and precious stones.

Nowadays things have changed a lot, as far as with the availability of modern means and the quality and variety of materials, jewelry of any shape, color and style can be made, depending on the status they want to offer.

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Photo 20 Discounted photo watchesTo conclude our lesson “History of Jewelry from antiquity to the present”, I want to point out that for those who have the appropriate skills, the best option is to start creating their own jewelry with the Free Jewelry making instructions guides, and those who are going to get married this year, can find discounts Up to 50% off on 2014 Wedding accessories!

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