Finding a suitable battery charger for your digital camera, mobile phone, PDA or camcorder among rumbles of numerous devices that clutter our home, is a challenging task. Also, finding a free power point for charging all the devices at the same time is difficult. Now, with the grace of technology, charging your mobile phone will become easier than before with a device called MagMiMO which will be available soon.

Researchers of the USA have invented such phone charger that can charge your cell phone through magnetic field without taking help of connecting cords.

The concept of wireless technology is nothing new. Wireless charger already exists. In order to charge your phone properly, you need to place your handset on charging pad in a right manner.

The research team, which is working on developing MagMIMO, said that such charging device would recharge the battery within short time. There are some additional features that offer flexible charging. As long as a person is working at his desktop, the charger will charge the battery. Whenever, the person leaves his cabin for a meeting or other work, the charger switches off automatically.

MagMIMO 3Phone Charging Takes Place From Short Distance
In a research, it has been found that MagMIMO can charge a battery of iPhone 4s from a distance of 30 cm away form the wireless charger. This device has the capability of charging a phone’s battery from dead to full within five hours approximately. The research team is currently working on ways to enhance the range.

MagMIMO Works On The Principle Of Radio Communication
A wireless charger works on the concept of radio communication where Wi-Fi router detects computer getting connected and drive signal toward its direction. Same is the case with MagMIMO. Instead of using radio signal, it incorporates magnetic filed for charging a device.

A series of wire coils produces magnetic field. The moment such field gets disrupted by a phone, the charger senses such activity and sends signal towards the device by creating a field of varied intensity through each coil. The magnetic fieldsthat are generated, support each other in order to enhance the strength of the overall magnetic field reaching the handset.

MagMIMO 2MagMiMO’s Field Test – A Great Success
While testing with the prototype, the US based research team connected a wire coil to the charging port of iPhone. The magnetic field that was induced, generated a current in the coil, which charged the phone’s battery.

Not only smartphones require wireless charging systems, there are other wearable devices like smart watches that are in need of such technological upgrade. With charging systems like MagMIMO, the burden on power outlets which is all the time crowded with cords for charging mobile devices, will also decrease.

MagminoSafe For Use
MagMIMO consumes approximately consumes same amount of power as compared to other existing charging systems. A plus point of using such device is that you can charge a phone without taking it out from your pocket. The research team of new charging device presented a white paper at one the conferences and revealed the fact that the intensified magnetic fields do not produce heating effect on human tissues. Therefore, it is safe for use.

With MagMIMO, you can solve problems of charging your phone. It works like Wi-Fi system where you need not become puzzled to find a power point for charging your device while you are at home, office or spending your time with your family at a retail stores.