Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant


Automatic Smart Driving Assistant connects your car to your smartphone and digital world. It teaches you fuel-saving driving habits.

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Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is a combination of a small Bluetooth-enabled dongle that plugs into your car’s on-board diagnostics port (a.k.a. ODB-II port) and communicates with an accompanying smartphone app. Together, they provide feedback about how you’re driving, fuel costs, fuel efficiency and other trip data. The idea being that with this information and with Automatic’s nudging, you can make small changes to bad driving habits and save money on gas.

Automatic also offers some other useful safety and convenience features. It can remember where you parked, help you figure out what’s wrong when your “check engine light” comes on, and alert emergency contacts in case of an accident, among other things. Requires iPhone 5 and newer (with iOS 7 & above) or Android 4.0+.


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