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  • jamstik+ The SmartGuitar 1

    jamstik+ The SmartGuitar


    The jamstik+ The SmartGuitar is a portable guitar that teaches you how to play Guitar from your Apple devices, like iPhone , Mac and iPad.

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  • BOCCO - The Family Robot

    BOCCO – The Family Robot


    The BOCCO – The family robot brings your loved ones closer, it can keep you connected to your family in your home when you are not there.

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  • MakerBot Mini 3D Printer 1

    MakerBot Mini 3D Printer


    The MakerBot Mini 3D Printer provides easy, affordable & portable 3D printing. The small design of MakerBot boasts some big features & high-quality models.

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  • Emoji Keyboard 2

    Emoji Keyboard

    The Emoji Keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard that doubles as an emoji machine. The regular keys work as you’d expect until you press the “emoji” modifier.

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  • Wonder Workshop Dash Robot 1

    Wonder Workshop Dash Robot


    Dash is your child first real robot friend. Packed with sensors and capabilities, Dash will race, dance, sing, and even respond to a child’s voice.

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    Bevy Smart Photo System 1

    Bevy Smart Photo System


    The Bevy Smart Photo System is a smart connected device and app that collects, organizes and protects digital photos & videos taken by a electronic device.

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  • WallJax Wireless Charger 1

    WallJax Wireless Charger

    The WallJax Wireless Charger is a wireless cell phone charger based on the Qi wireless power standard. It plugs directly into an existing 120-Volt outlet.

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