We live in an era where we completely depend on our smartphones, so when the battery runs out we have a major problem. People evolve their own personal strategies to keep their mobile device charged but this is often stressful and time consuming. Here comes ZAP&GO charger, which takes over the responsibility of charging your battery on the way in no time.

Zap&Go Graphene Supercapacitor Charger 2Powerbanks and external batteries are lithium-based like your phone and often take hours to recharge your device. Scientists have been working with Graphene as a way to improve batteries and other devices, but there aren’t many products using graphene on the market just yet. The world’s first graphene supercapacitor charger for keeping your smartphone and other devices powered on the go has surfaced and it is the ZAP&GO charger. The graphene is orders of magnitude more conductive than aluminium and so the foils inside the capacitor can be made thinner and lighter.

Zap&Go Graphene Supercapacitor Charger 3ZAP&GO is a graphene supercapacitor charger for mobiles and tablets that will fully charge your electronic device in just 5 minutes, storing 1,500mAh. ZAP&GO charger designed for smartphones and tablets, as well as any similar devices like ebook readers and Bluetooth headphones. It is world’s first super-capacitor charger for Android, iOS, Windows smartphones and tablets. Just plug your phone or your tablet for another 5 or less minutes charge and you are ready to go. After charging for five minutes, the ZAP&GO will be able to charge an iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 to 75-percent, an iPhone 5 and 5S to 100-percent, and an iPad Air to 50-percent, as an example. This is achieved using graphene as a primary component; because it is a supercapacitor, it will lose its charge slowly, about 20-percent in 72 hours.

Furthermore, ZAP&GO also helps to eliminate some of that clutter we also have to carry around because it will charge any device you carry with a USB port. You no longer need to carry your phone, e-book, tablet and headphone adaptors. It comes with international plug adaptors, so that you can carry it anywhere in the world.