Water is an essential natural resource that is critical for the survival of all living things. This statement is no less true for human beings. However, there are certain pollutants that maybe present in certain water sources. In addition, there are certain products that can be utilized to address this potential problem. One of those products include the use of LifeStraw water filter.

There are many water filters that are available on the market today. Some of those models include water filters that are connected beneath the sink and countertop filters. One additional type of filter is LifeStraw water filter. As the name infers this particular device attaches directly to the water straw.


There are many benefits associated with the use of a water filter. Two of those specific benefits include the providing of water that runs through a filter system. This filter system removes a significant percentage of possible contaminants. This in turn provides better tasting and healthier drinking water for the individual or family.

Possible Pollutants

Lifestraw water filter 2 First of all, before considering the purchase of a LifeStraw water filter system it is important to be convinced as to the importance of this type of unit. Therefore, studies have shown that even those cities that do a very good job in providing a clean supply of water to the community, may not necessarily be free of all pollutants.

In fact, it has been estimated that there may be well over 2,000 pollutants in any given water supply. Some of these contaminants might incorporate microorganisms, pesticides and chlorine. Moreover, there is the issue of overwhelming metals. Some of those identified overwhelming metals that perhaps in numerous individual’s water supply could incorporate copper, mercury and lead.

Therefore, this can be an unhealthy situation for individuals and their families when drinking water from the water faucets in the home. This can be especially dangerous for young children. This is because the ingestion of lead has been shown to be a leading cause of learning disabilities.

What LifeStraw Water Filter is Best?

Lifestraw water filter 3Subsequently, if looking to purchase a LifeStraw water filter it is important to conduct a number of steps so that the proper product is purchased. Those steps could include asking individuals in one’s family or neighborhood about the particular product that they may be using. By taking this step, the perspective consumer can understand how well the product works, how easy it is to use, how satisfied the individual using the product is and how often the filters need to be changed.

In addition, the consumer that is looking into the LifeStraw water filter system should conduct their own LifeStraw water filter review. This LifeStraw water filter review can be accomplished by simply going online and accessing many websites that have already reviewed these various products.

Also, it is important to note that there are many water filter systems available on the market today. Basically, the difference in these various LifeStraw water filters is the way that they are installed and constructed. Generally, the rule of thumb is to purchase the best LifeStraw water filter that one can afford. In addition, it is important to know often the filters needs to be changed, how difficult is this process, what is the manufacturer’s guarantee and how easy is it to install the unit.