The Sojourner Keyboard

The Sojourner Keyboard


The Sojourner keyboard is the exact keyboard on Artie’s desk on Warehouse 13 show. The parchment Elizabethan typeface befits its aesthetic.

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The Sojourner keyboard is the exact keyboard model seen on Artie’s desk on ‘Warehouse 13’ show. The Sojourner keyboard refuses to blend in with the sleek and square modern computers of today. The Sojourner packs a modern keyboard’s guts into something that looks like it has a story behind it, something with a soul, something historic, aged. The Sojourner is crafted in polished brass, then artificially tarnished. This keyboard is reminiscent of an earlier era, when beauty and technology went hand-in-hand. Featuring a unique parchment Elizabethan typeface that befits the overall aesthetic of the keyboard.


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