Recycled Chopper Tire Swing

Recycled Chopper Tire Swing


The Chopper Tire Swing is one of the coolest swings you’ve ever seen. It looks like a motorcycle, but it’s a Chopper Swing!

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The Chopper Tire Swing  is made from recycled tires. It features a recessed easy rider seat, a rubber frame, and rust-resistant hardware. Thanks to its PVC stabilization bar and decay-resistant nylon rope, the Chopper Tire Swing is easily attached to swing sets or trees. Stainless steel handlebars and forks give the feel of a real motorcycle while providing years of outdoor fun. Ages 3+. Holds up to 175 lb. Kids will freak out over this amazing toy/piece of art. The Chopper Tire Swing requires a tiny bit of assembly (5 minutes). Once put together, hang the weatherproof nylon rope from any suitable tree and get ridin’!


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