Ninja Turtles 4 Player Arcade Game

Ninja Turtles 4 Player Arcade Game


A fun 4 player game with the famous Ninja Turtles characters. This game came out in 1989.

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Ninja Turtles 4 Player Arcade Game comes in an original Konami 4 player cabinet with the original Ninja Turtles circuit board inside. Players can choose to play either Leonardo blue, katana blades Raphael red, sais Michelangelo orange, nunchakas or Donatello purple, bo staff. The game uses Konami’s 2.5 dimension perspective. Uses a 68000 running at 8 MHz for a CPU, along with a Z80 running at 3.58 MHz. Uses 5 different sound chips, they are 1 YM2151 running at 3.58 MHz, an 007232 chip, a uPD7759 at 0.64 MHz, analog sound samples, and a custom chip.


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