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  • Daymak Beast Electric Bike 1

    Daymak Beast Electric Bike


    The Daymak Beast is an electric bike that acts like a scooter & has functional pedals that make it street legal in most of the civilized world.

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  • Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle 1

    Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle

    Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle is one of the world’s most sought, high performance, luxury vehicles. It’s simply one of the fastest dual tracked vehicles.

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  • GinzVelo Hybrid Vehicle 4

    GinzVelo Hybrid Vehicle


    GinzVelo is sit-down bike that can be pedalled but it also boasts a 500-watt battery-powered motor to push you along at speeds of up to 20mph for 100 miles.

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  • Electric Folding Bike Model V 1

    Electric Folding Bike Model V


    The Electric Folding Bike Model V is constructed of hydroformed aluminium and composite reinforced polymer designed to give you freedom & flexibility.

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