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Ryder One Stress-Free Crypto Wallet

While hot wallets and crypto exchanges offer convenience, they are prone to hacks and operational risks. Hardware wallets address these issues by storing your private keys offline, protecting your digital assets from online threats and unauthorized access!

AOKZOE A2 extraordinary handheld gaming experience

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary handheld gaming experience like never before with AOKZOE A2. This cutting-edge handheld gaming console boasts a powerful AMD 7840U CPU and an impressive 7-inch full-screen display, pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming to new heights!

Birddy – Smart Bird House

The Birddy Smart Bird House aims to completely redefine the experience by combining cutting-edge technology and the wonders of nature!

Looking Glass Go 3D holograms

Your first portable holographic display for spatial memories, a holographic display that anyone could use, that can bring 3D holograms into the real world!

Center Cam – A Better Middle-screen Webcam

Improve video-conferencing with natural eye-to-eye contact with our next-gen middle-screen webcam!

MetaCalc – The first ever touchscreen calculator!

The project is to produce the scientific calculator MetaCalc emerged from the realization that traditional calculators available in the market have not evolved alongside other electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones.

Shargeek 170 – The Coolest Powerbank With Unparalleled Charging!

The perfect power station to declutter your workspace and pump your productivity. Unique transparent prism silhouette houses exquisite engineering. Charging with style. 

Dashmoto the Lightest High-Performance Seated Scooter!

Break free from limited mobility with dashmoto™. Experience effortless movement, user-friendly controls, comfortable seating and versatile maneuverability. Created for those seeking a renewed sense of freedom and joy.

Zyntony Torch – Worlds First StrapLight

The Zyntony Torch is a super-bright 4,000 lumens of warm, ultra-durable, waterproof, portable & rechargeable torch. The Torch features a full 360° of light.

G-RO Revolutionary Luggage

G-RO Revolutionary Luggage is an indispensable piece of luggage for the frequent traveler. It provides attractive & ergonomic solutions to our travel needs.

LUMA Active Sports Lighting Headgear

The LUMA Active Lighting Headgear is world's first all in one caps and headbands for outdoor sports that light up your way and keep you visible and safe.

Solu – The Smallest Computer

Solu is the world's smallest computer is is an advanced cloud-linked computer with a revolutionary human-machine interface and a unique subscription model.

7Bot Robotic Arm

The 7Bot Robotic Arm is world's first $350 robotic arm with computer vision and state of the art AI. Replicate your motion precisely without coding.

SteadXP – VR Video Stabilization

SteadXP delivers 3 axis stabilization in a lightweight, easy to use package and it is compatible with all digital cameras, GoPro, DSLRs & cinema cameras.

Leopard Pro2 Gimbal Head

The Gimbal Head Leopard Pro2 balances your camera & telephoto lens perfectly. It operates smoothly with the heaviest lenses, like 400 & 600mm telephoto lens.

Redefining Eye Protection Glasses

The Redefining Eye Protection Glasses offer optimal protection whether you are outside in the sun or inside looking at the screen of a digital device.

Flex Timer – Training Wall Clock

The Flex Timer is a wall mounted fitness clock for interval training controlled by your smart devices like mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch from an app.

The Sun-Seeker Pack

The Sun-Seeker Pack is a lightweight powerful solar powered lithium battery system contained in a small waterproof backpack. It uses a new battery technology.

Holus – Interactive Tabletop Holographic Display

Holus is a tabletop holographic platform that converts any digital content from a computer, tablet or smartphone into a 3D holographic experience.

Bartesian – Ultimate Cocktail Machine

The Bartesian is the ultimate cocktail machine, just insert your capsule and select your strength. It creates perfect and delicious cocktails in seconds.

KUAI – Multisport Biometric Headphones

The KUAI is a revolutionary headset that monitors your biometrics and sport performance using the most advanced patented biometric sensor technology.

The Naked Cooler

The Naked Cooler first cooler with a view. The durable windows on the sides of it keep your drinks cold with the ability to see the contents of your cooler.

SmartiHat Raspberry Pi HAT

With the SmartiHat Raspberry Pi HAT you can build a better LEGO case for the Raspberry Pi A+. You 're enable to mount any Raspberry Pi A+ & Raspberry Pi HAT.

Mixfader – The First Connected Object For Becoming A DJ

The Mixfader is the first connected device for becoming a DJ, just connect Mixfader to your smartphone or tablet and start mixing & scratching techniques.