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  • G-RO Revolutionary Luggage 1

    G-RO Revolutionary Luggage

    G-RO Revolutionary Luggage is an indispensable piece of luggage for the frequent traveler. It provides attractive & ergonomic solutions to our travel needs.

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  • Lapa 2 Evolution Object Finder 2

    Lapa 2 Evolution Object Finder

    Lapa 2 Object Finder is a evolution object finder that overcomes all obstacles to keep your things safe. Uses Bluetooth to keep you connected to your things

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  • Seatylock 1


    Seatylock is a bicycle saddle and lock in one. It quickly transforms into a one meter solid lock that enables you to lock your bike to a fixed object.

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  • Athena Smart Safety Jewelry 1

    Athena Smart Safety Jewelry

    Athena is a smart jewelry that emits a loud alarm and send messages to your loved ones with your location, only with one click, at the touch of a button.

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  • WallJax Wireless Charger 1

    WallJax Wireless Charger

    The WallJax Wireless Charger is a wireless cell phone charger based on the Qi wireless power standard. It plugs directly into an existing 120-Volt outlet.

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  • Norre Tail Scale 1

    Norre Tail Scale

    The Norre Tail Scale is a remarkable new way to measure fish. The Norre Tail Scale finds the fish’s length and weight based on the width of the tail fin.

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  • Helios iPhone Charging Case 2

    Helios iPhone Charging Case

    Helios iPhone Charging Case is the world’s slimmest iPhone wireless Qi charging case. Not only protects your it but also adds a wireless charging function.

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