The World Map According To Americans

The World Map According To Americans


This map shows in a satirical way the various stereotypes that Americans have for the rest of the world.

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This map shows us a number of smart and satirical ‘labels’ for the countries around the world from the eyes Americans. Some of them are smart, such as the Alaska which is described as ‘Ice Cap’, the Australia as ‘Kangaroo Riders’ and India as ‘Yoga’. Some ‘labels’ have more caustic humor as they describe the half Africa as ‘Aids’, the Saudi Arabia as ‘Terrorists’ and Iran as ‘Satan’. This map is a work of visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov. His collection includes about 30 satirical maps showing the world from different eyes, ie,  Europe According to USA, Mainland USA According to Common Sense, Europe According to the Vatican, and Europe According to the Future.


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