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  • Ghostbusters Proton Gun 1

    Ghostbusters Proton Gun Kit


    The Ghostbusters Proton Gun Kit is a handmade Proton Gun that is based on the hero props used in both films, Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II.

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  • Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle 1

    Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle

    Ripsaw EV2 Extreme Vehicle is one of the world’s most sought, high performance, luxury vehicles. It’s simply one of the fastest dual tracked vehicles.

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  • Wishbone 3 In 1 Bike 1

    Wishbone 3 In 1 Bike


    The Wishbone 3 In 1 Bike starts at 12 months with 3 wheels, then it converts to 2 wheels & finally you raise the seat and flip the frame to make it larger.

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  • Extreme Pirate Ship Clubhouse 1

    Extreme Pirate Ship Clubhouse


    The Extreme Pirate Ship Clubhouse is a unique and beyond an average playhouse, for all ages to play on. It a highly detailed playhouse with cannons.

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    iBamboo Speaker 1

    iBamboo Speaker

    $25.00 $20.00

    iBamboo Speaker is a eco-friendly speaker made from a whole length of bamboo. The natural resonance of the bamboo amplifies the sound by iPhone’s speaker.

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  • Micro Planter Chess Set 1

    Micro Planter Chess Set

    The Micro Planter Chess Set features abstracted versions of the chess pieces, but combines them with small plants to offset its modernist edges.

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  • Flame Stone Fountain 1

    Flame Stone Fountain


    The Flame Stone Fountain is a hand cut fountain specifically to combine water and fire, using modern technologies to animate this truly unique piece of art.

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  • The Martin Jetpack 3

    The Martin Jetpack

    The Martin Jetpack is the world’s first practical jetpack with potential usage spanning search and rescue, military, recreational & commercial applications.

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  • Studio Roller 2

    Studio Roller


    The Studio Roller is a wall-mounted bracket set that holds a 24-inch paper roll, making it a breeze to display tonight’s menu or tomorrow’s to-do list.

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  • Star Wars Bed 1

    Star Wars Bed


    The Star Wars Bed is a highly detailed Millennium Falcon bed with lots of special modifications, featuring details from the films and hand-painted.

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  • Starfleet Machine Desk Clock

    Starfleet Machine Desk Clock

    Starfleet Machine Desk Clock is limited to 175 pieces and is available in ‘light’ or ‘dark’ editions, the latter with ruthenium-finished components.

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