Flike is a revolutionary, all-electric personal flight device under development in Hungary. It is a coaxial, Y6-layout tricopter, which means that the lift is generated by six rotors, grouped in counter-rotating pairs of three axes, equally located around a circle.

Flike is equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries, allowing for around 15 to 20 minutes of hover flight or 30 to 40 minutes of cruise flight. The lift is provided by six fixed-pitch, carbon composite rotors, directly driven by individual electric disc motors, resulting in the highest possible efficiency, and zero-emission by design.

From the stability point of view, Flike is comparable to a tripod. Since the six rotors are grouped in counter-rotating pairs of three axes, Flike is safe by providing emergency lift upon the unlikely event of one of the motors getting inoperable. Thanks to its flight management computer that takes care of the craft’s stability, lateral position and altitude, the development team claims flying the Flike will be as easy as riding a bike.

Control is provided by altering the rotation speed of the individual rotors, allowing the Flike to perform in the air like a conventional helicopter, including the ability to hover, roll, bank, drift, yaw, climb, turn, sidle and dive, just as well as it is also capable of various things yet to be named. Flight stability, lateral position and altitude are taken care of by its full-authority flight management computer, therefore flying Flike is as easy as riding a bicycle.

Flike is a delicate piece of 21st century engineering, made of high-end material, equipped with ultra-smart electronics, aerodynamically shaped for maximum cruise endurance and peak performance in agility. Rocket science, that looks sexy by definition.

Flike Electronic Personal Flight Device 2Having successfully completed the first flight, the team now plans to build a second prototype that would boast a similar design and features to that envisioned for the planned commercial model. And commercialization is the ultimate goal, with the team aiming to spin off into a startup company for which it is actively seeking investors.