The CXC Motion Pro II is the most advanced racing simulator on the market. High-quality materials, sleek design and a commitment to craftsmanship characterize this product. this products.

CXC Motion Pro II Racing Simulator 2When you get behind the wheel of a CXC simulator it’s easy to forget that you aren’t actually on the racetrack. The laser-cut steel, Italian leather and carbon fiber on our precision machined, hand-built simulators blur the line between reality and simulation. The CXC Motion Pro II uses the latest in high-powered, high-speed, high-precision electronic actuators to deliver exactly that. Not just through the steering wheel, but through the brake pedal and seat. It’s capable of not just delivering those big jolts of acceleration and braking, and the slower sway of body roll and nose-dive, but much smaller and more precise variations in pressure that mimic tires on the limit of adhesion, cracks in the road, and even brake grip and fade. And there’s more — this driving sim is practically a core workout machine in itself.

CXC Motion Pro II Racing Simulator 3Experience the racetrack as if you are actually on it. From the low mass motion system to high-quality audio and video, using the Motion Pro II means that you are truly in the driver’s seat. On any track, in any car, anywhere in the world. Built on top of iRacing’s platform, the Motion Pro II includes racing essentials like a seat, pedals, steering wheel. To make you feel like you’re on the track instead of your basement, you get three 55-inch HD screens, a built-in surround sound system, and a motion system that tosses seat and driver around to simulate the G forces actually driving on a track provides.

The CXC Motion Pro II lets you travel the world over and race on virtually any track, in almost any type of car. Yet with all of these options, accuracy and attention to detail remain as important as ever. Using millimeter accurate laser-scanning technology, hundreds of racetracks from around the world have been mapped and detailed like never before.

The system starts at an eye-obliterating $54,000, about what you’d pay for a brand new 2015 Chevrolet Corvette. Which can, you know, go places. And like the Corvette, the CXC Motion Pro II gets more expensive when you start adding options. Go for the higher-quality dashboard, swankier steering wheel and shifter options, and screens that provide a 180-degree field of view, and you could spend north of $80,000.