Clips Tech CEO introduced Bluetooth neckband and smartwatch that connect to smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2015, the world’s largest mobile show. Clips Tech is a manufacturer of Bluetooth neckbands and smartwatch-type wearable bands. Its products are being exported to many countries including the U.S., Japan, and Indonesia.

Bluetooth neckband NB-S2 is a neckband-type earphone with a high-quality stereo speakers. This earphones are built in speakers and able to switch between headphone and external speakers. Users can listen to music and make calls without the hassle of connection by wire. It alerts you by vibration if phone is out of range. It delivers enhanced audio and bass response and a host of calling features in a sleek, comfortable and lightweight design. The neckband NB-S2 bluetooth battery type is Lithium Polymer. The NB-S2 is diiferent from other similar bluetooth headsets. It has high quality outer speakers and through outer speakers , users could enjoy their smart phones in various places, different ways.

  • Stand by time: Up to 700 hours,
  • Talking: Up to 20 hours,
  • Music Playback: Up to 18 hours,
  • Speaker: Up to 5 hours

NB-K2 earphone is made of aluminum to give a sleek and simple style and design, and is 30% lighter than other Bluetooth earphones. The battery is detachable for increased running time. NB-Blue Talk is an economical smartwatch with a fashionable design. It has calling time up to 20 hours and it is waterproof but not for swimming. Also, they have Anti-Loss alarm, if your portable device and your earphones are 10 yards apart and it works with smartphone which has Active pairing function.

The market for Bluetooth products is currently at 3% of smartphone market, but is growing twofolds every year.