Everyone at some point in his life has decided to make a pleasure trip in a far destination or might have to go to another country for business. Our first thought is to stack the necessary in a suitcase but we gradually see that we need more things that we had not thought about. It results to overloaded suitcases and more money that we have to pay for the extra weight. After this hassle, the fact that our suitcase could lost at an airport, is not excluded and it has actually happened many times.

The solution to all this hassle comes from Bluesmart, a technology company based in Silicon Valey which targets to design and innovation, and that created and presents the Bluesmart carry-on luggage, the World’s first smart connected luggage.

Digital lock, Digital scale, Battery changer

Bluesmart carry-on luggage lockThe Bluesmart carry-on luggage provides an application compatible with Android or iOS smartphones, with which you can manage useful features of the suitcase such as the digital lock that can be achieved from your mobile, or if the battery is low, it can be achieved with a special key. Of course there is also the automatic locking when you forget it and move away from the suitcase.

Put in the suitcase the necessary, and not, things you want, and weight it wherever you are as far as the suitcase has a digital built-in scale, and through the application you know immediately its weight. Simply lift the suitcase from the ground and with the help of two sensors find the ideal weight.

The Bluesmart carry-on incorporates a 10,000mAh battery which according to the manufacturers, with only one hour of charging, it has the ability to charge an iPhone up to six times. In addition, via USB port you can charge your Gadgets, The Laptop and anything else you want.

Location tracking, Distance alerts, Trip Data

Bluesmart carry-on luggage locationWith the tracking system the Bluesmart carry-on features, forget cheap excuses we’ve all heard from the airlines about the loss of our suitcases. Through the mobile application you can locate the suitcase at all times.

In case you move away from the range of the suitcase you will be immediately notified by SMS, even if you accidentally forget the suitcase in a taxi or in a coffee shop. You can also locate your Bluesmart with a proximity heat map and receive a reminder of the last recorded location.

For the finicky travelers it is possible through the application to access real-time reports of the data of the travel such as the miles they have traveled, the airports they visited, the time they have spent in each country, and more.

The inseparable “friend” to your travel

With features such as 56cm Height, 36cm Width, 24cm Depth, 8.5 lbs Weight, and 34Litres of Storage, this suitcase with the modern design, made of aluminum, will certainly become the inseparable “friend” on all your trips.

The Bluesmart carry-on luggage was launched as a project in Website Indiegogo with target to gather $50,000 of funding, however, the response of the people for such a clever innovation, made the project very successful giving the company a capital of $2,180,546.

The promise of the company is that in the future it will make more suitcases, lighter, in new trendy designs.

What are you waiting for? Make your purchase now.