Being overweight is a common problem among teen girls across the world. Obviously, most of these teens want to lose their extra weight by controlling diet or by initiating some physical fitness program. However, they should understand the reason of being overweight and take proper measures based upon the right facts.

A recently published report suggests that teens are more vulnerable to the problem of excess weight than people who are in their 20’s or higher. Unhealthy diet and lack of physical exercises are considered as the main reasons for weight related problem among teens. However, by following a few simple steps one can get rid from such weight related problems.

Step 1 Know the BMI: Before taking any step to amend your body measure, know what your current BMI is. There are many apps available on the internet that can measure you BMI. The term BMI stands for Body Mass Index that can tell you whether your body is overweight, underweight or keeping it on average. Before you calculate the BMI, be sure that the calculator is combined with age and height. Thus, calculate your weight and if it says you are overweight then you will have to lose a few pound and if you find that you are underweight then you have to gain some weight based on the weight deficiency.

Step 2: Set a target: If you have a certain measure in your mind then make it your aim so that you can be determined to reach your target. If you have calculated your weight as 150 pound then it will be a good start if you aim to reduce the weight to 145. Practice hard and reach your goal with regular excises. Once you find your weight as 145 pounds set another short-term target, like 140 to 135. In that way, you will be habituated in doing regular exercise.

Step 3: Take right amount of calories: Hundreds of websites are available on the internet that can explain you how much calories you should intake in order to live a healthy life. For your better convenience, you can also download calorie chart in your mobile device for quick access.

Step 4: Make exercise a habit: There will be no other better way than physical exercise that can play the key role in your mission. Experts say, this is the main factor of losing weight and mostly ignored by the people who are suffering from excess weight. However, do not over exercise that your body cannot afford. If possible, go for a run or take your dog for mild running.

Steps 5: Take proper diet: Take proper diet that can fulfill the deficiency of indispensible elements of your body. Try to consume carbohydrates, protein, several fruits, dairy product, vegetables and some fats. Try to get them all in a day so that your body can avail essential materials. In addition, always try to avoid foods that contain heavy oils and keep your eyes off from junky foods.

Steps 6: Take your weight once in a week: Take a particular day in a week, and measure your current weight after leaving the bed and use the bathroom in the morning. Avoid eating anything before put yourself on weight machine. Take weight once in a week and see the improvement.

Step 7: Note the progress: Always keep track of your improvement on a notebook so that you can compare your previous measurement with the current one. Do not expect a sudden surge in your progress as it takes lot of sweat and hard work.

Steps 8: Drink plenty of water: Water is the best friend especially for people who are on a mission of losing their weight. Water can help you a lot in reducing your weight, be sure that you are drinking plenty of water while exercising to avoid dehydration and try to drink at least eight glass of water in a day. The more water you drink the better result you will get as the water brings lots of oxygen to our body that keeps us energized.

Step 9: Set proper sleeping hours: Whatever work you do in daytime, make sure that you take bed rest for sufficient hours and try to avoid late night awaking. Sleep at least 8 to 9 hours in a day. A good sleep at night can make you more energetic and active through the whole day.

Following these simple steps, teen girls can safely reduce weight.