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Birddy – Smart Bird House

The Birddy Smart Bird House aims to completely redefine the experience by combining cutting-edge technology and the wonders of nature!

Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking

Original price was: $67.49.Current price is: $45.93.
The Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking with smart scale connect to your phone or tablet and guides you through the entire baking process step-by-step.

StoryHome – The Connected Storytelling Device

The StoryHome - The Connected Storytelling Device is a new and clever audio story sharing system that connects kids and their families with amazing stories.

Endless Computers

The Endless Computer is an affordable operating system for emerging markets. It is as simple to use and it has apps for the things people care about most.

Nexpaq – The First Truly Modular Smartphone Case

The nexpaq, the first truly modular smartphone case allows you to customize and add features to your smartphone easily by putting the module to this case.

GasWatch – Check BBQ Tank Level From Your Phone

The GasWatch checks how much propane is left in the tank, it works like a scale for gush. It has a gas level indicator that connects to your phone.

Droplet – The Smartest Button You’ll Ever Press

Droplet - The Smartest Button is a smart reminder that tracks important activities you don't want to forget, keep track of your activities and goals.

Spy Master Mini Submarine

The Spy Master Mini Submarine can go down to about 12 meters underwater at a speed of almost two 2km/h and with a battery that lasts about 60-80 minutes.