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Star Wars Chess Set

With the Star Wars Chess Set enjoy the classic game of Chess with collectible chess pieces from Star Wars. This chess set includes 32 hand painted figures.

Micro Planter Chess Set

The Micro Planter Chess Set features abstracted versions of the chess pieces, but combines them with small plants to offset its modernist edges.

iPad Osmo Gaming System

Osmo Gaming System is a hardware gaming device for kids that connects to any iPad. Simply attach the included reflector and stand to your iPad and play.


Goodminton is the world’s easiest racquet game, designed for indoor & outdoor play. The feathered birdies slow down as they spin, making them easier to hit.

Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

The Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball is designed like a giant soccer ball and is perfect for the beach, swimming pool or park. It features 6 feet diameter.

Motion Pro II Racing Simulator

The Motion Pro II is the most advanced racing simulator on the market, with a wrap around screen, force-feedback & motors that will jostle the chair around.

Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Colour Pieces

The Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Colour Pieces has 1,000 different colors arranged in the form of a CMYK gamut the method by which printers achieve their colors.

Air Hockey Set

The Air Hockey Set includes 2 paddles, 2 goal posts, and 1 puck. It is a fun game for two players. You can use it on durable flat surfaces.

Three Man Chess

The Three Man Chess is unique round shaped board which is designed for 3 players & with 3 different coloured chess pieces, putting a new twist on classic.

Gravity Maze

The Gravity Maze is a powered logic maze. Use the plastic cubes to build a path that will carry a marble from the start position to the target tower.

Laser Maze Beam-Bending Logic Game

With the Laser Maze Beam-Bending Logic Game get ready for a mental workout as you flex your strategic thinking muscles & ignite the light on the grid.

The DIY Rubber Band Pistol

The DIY Rubber Band Pistol gets you outfitted in no time with simple assembly. This amazing rubber band pistol allows you to fly rubber band up to 20 feet.

GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment For PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, Xbox 360

With the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment immerse yourself in every detail of your favorite game or movie with the 19″ LED display

Bubble Soccer Battle Balls

Battle Balls is the official ball of U.S. Bubble Soccer Association. Each ball size is made from high-quality, durable 0.8mm PVC plastic.