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Captain America Shield 3D Deco Light

The Captain America Shield 3D Deco Light looks like it's coming out of the wall as if thrown by the good Captain himself. It is a perfect for a kid's room.

Aqua Basketball Slam Dunk

Aqua Basketball Slam Dunk will provide fun for the whole family and it will make your daily life much more fascinate than ever. Featuring a durable design.

H2O Go Triple Water Slide

The H2O Go Triple Water Slide provides a soft landing and glides you onto the slide for the smoothest, wettest, fastest ride. It offers more summer fun.

Air Hockey Set

The Air Hockey Set includes 2 paddles, 2 goal posts, and 1 puck. It is a fun game for two players. You can use it on durable flat surfaces.

Twin Seat Jetpack

The Twin Seat Jetpack is the world's most exciting water based flying machine. This special jetpack allows the pilot to take a passenger with him.

PYRO Fireshooter

The PYRO Fireshooter is like wrist-watch and gives the ability to shoot balls of fire from their wrists with the simple click of a button.

Lampuga Electric Power Surfboard

The Lampuga Electric Power Surfboard is an environmentally friendly surfuboard with electric jet propulsion system & don't disturbs animals.