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  • VonShef Magical Defrosting Tray 1

    VonShef Magical Defrosting Tray


    With the VonShef Magical Defrosting Tray defrost frozen food within minutes within 30-60 minutes without electricity depending on food’s thickness.

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    Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker 1

    Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker


    With the Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker will enable you to make delicious sushi quickly & easily at home. Simply stuff it with rice & the other ingredients.

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    Master Pan 1

    Master Pan


    With the Master Pan you can cook up to 5 different foods all at once on one burner. You will never eat a breakfast of cold eggs & hot bacon with this pan.

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  • Star Wars Chop Sabers 1

    Star Wars Chop Sabers


    With the Star Wars Chop Sabers have the “force” on the table. The Star Wars Chop Sabers are shinning lightsaber chopsticks from the movie Star Wars.

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  • Nessie Ladle 1

    Nessie Ladle


    The Nessie Ladle is another adorable alternative to the boring spoon you've been using, diving into your favorite soup or standing by ready to use.

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  • Simple Corn Stripper Peeler 1

    Simple Corn Stripper Peeler


    With the Simple Corn Stripper Peeler the removing of corn kernels from cobs has never been easier. It features a 1/2-cup capacity container for the kernels.

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    Cake Batter Dispenser 1

    Cake Batter Dispenser


    The Cake Batter Dispenser has 900 ml batter capacity and it’s ideal for cupcake batter, pancakes and muffins. It eliminates the mess in the kitchen.

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  • Magic Butter Knife 1

    Magic Butter Knife


    The magic butter knife is a cool kitchen gadget with ergonomic design & 3 functions, grater, slicer & curler that makes it easy to curl, swirl & slice butter

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  • Gummy Pizza in a Box 2

    Gummy Pizza In A Box


    The Gummy Pizza In A Box is an eight inch gummy pizza that looks like real pizza & it comes in a real cardboard pizza box. The ingredients have gummy flavor.

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  • Swing Grill Charcoal Barbecue 1

    Swing Grill Charcoal Barbecue


    The Swing Grill Charcoal Barbecue is the perfect choice for any outdoor catering venue, event or garden party when you have to feed a mob of people.

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  • GYENNO Spoon for hand tremors 1

    GYENNO Spoon For Hand Tremors

    The GYENNO Spoon For Hand Tremors is designed for many people that suffering from hand tremors. It allows them to live a life free of stress and anxiety.

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