Destiny, game of the year for PS4, is not a kind of game that reveals itself quickly, it is rather a game of evolution and journey. The game manifests its current form by presenting its essential elements over extended period. It will not be a short-term journey and there will be lot of hurdles in the process. However, players should stick with the ‘destiny’ and should believe that it will never let them down. You can make your destination unique and immensely gratifying while playing the game.

Destiny game ps4Let us go for our Destiny
The game starts with Destiny’s core shooting. No matter what you do or where you go and how much you have invested, starting the game will be the core experience for you and it is excellent. This wonderfully designed shooting game determines that no matter how the high-fallutin, RPG frameworks is made for any particular mission. Whatever the purpose you have chosen for your action within deeper meta game, the task that you actually have to do to achieve your destiny is really enjoyable.

It is not like the Hola. The inter-fraction between gun and grenade is the initial indication of Destiny’s RPG identity. Instead taking the collectable weapons it is depending a lot on inherent character-abilities. At the very beginning, it appears odd and partly limited, but as you develop you level, several skill properties will be available. Players have to get over from difficulties with tactical magic attack to keep themselves safe and should plan everything strategically to modify the battlefield.

Destiny game 1
Filled with exiting story

The story of Destiny game is wonderfully written that includes Bungie-by-numbers, ancient evil races, several evil alien races and space-gods of darkness and bad. Players can get Tolkienesque amount of multi-detailed lore in the journey of Destiny’s world.

However, in its internal core, Destiny’s war exists within a wider ecosystem. On your first visit at the tower, which is the central hub of the town, you may feel a bit puzzled if you have a little experience of MMO. The game is altogether more civilized as Mos Eisley is comprised with alien concepts, both factually and metaphorically.

Destiny game rollsThe way will not be long before you get back into the PvE mission that build and decorate Destiny’s current story. From this point, the experience of the journey becomes richer and more involved with every moment. As you are improving your status in the game that signifies, you have to increase attack and defense. Moreover, it changes interactions as new method of jumping, moving, defending and commanding emerge not only in your character, but in the game character you are playing with.

However, when you are coming in a scenario repeatedly or at any new stage, you will always notice that there is something that has always changed, and that can be your own perspective or for those people who are playing the game.

Destiny gameplay
Play with fully loaded guns

The game definitely does not make it easy for a single player, when the extended content of the endgame is openly pitched for cooperation. It would be possible but will not be entirely easy for a lone player to break the most challenging level of the game without getting any aid. Although, some of Destiny’s epic depicts some moments where a lone player is taking tough challenges. Growing threat and higher stakes offer the kind of creative FPS play that very few other shooters can offer.

Destiny game 2The standard of Destiny’s combat has become clearer in the Crucible in the global setting for the competitive multiplayer component. The game is currently coming with team deathmatch, base control, free-for-all and tight and tactical TDM mode for comparatively small units where cooperation is very essential.

However, once you get past all tough scenarios, you can get more challenging environment that will provide you fun along with excitement. You can choose go alone option or if you can manage your friends you can make a team for your journey to some unknown battlefields. A full package of entertainment that can give you both thrill and suspense while getting deep into the game. Thus, play it and enjoy the exiting journey with all floating evils, aliens, space-gods of darkness and bad who are waiting there to make your journey hell.

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