As we read on Boeing developing a drone that can deliver spyware. Boeing is putting a team together in order to build a drone that is able to deliver spyware to wrongdoers. The next frontier in hacking could soon be in the skies.

The project involves Insitu, a Boeing-owned company and Hacking Team. Boeing subsidiary Insitu, which specialises in unmanned aerial vehicles, is teaming up with Hacking Team which develops surveillance tech, to build a drone that can remotely hack a device.

The news came to light after a hacker attacked Milan-based Hacking Team earlier this month, and released hundreds of gigabytes of company information online. The emails from the Hacking Team, recently revealed by Wikileaks, contained a roadmap including the list of all the company’s on-going projects. One of these projects constitutes developing a device that could infect computers from a safe distance via WiFi, while being mounted on a drone. Another email reveals the Hacking Team plans to create such a device using a tactical network injector or TNI, which is a portable, often laptop based device used to plug into the targeted network and intercept the traffic each time an ordinary network user watches a video or downloads a file or a program. The device then injects malware and installs Hacking Team spyware.

If Insitu and the Hacking Team succeed in developing such a spying software drone, their creation will be able to attack WiFi networks from above or at a long range and access files, record calls, chats, emails and any other information connected to the network users with the spying system operator being far away from the target. Every ordinary user surfing the net may end up being caught up in the tails of the spying system.

It’s worth mentioning that the conversation was still in the early stages, so there is no need to worry about any drones listening in on your phone calls or reading your Facebook messages, not just yet anyway.