Your friends may love to engage in a debate on the issue whether Facebook is a dying platform for online gaming or not. You can take any side you would like to for the debate. However, it is undeniable fact that Facebook is still one of the most popular places for online games. Gaming experts believe that plenty of online games are available on Facebook that can be a great way to pass the time. Here we will pick up top 8 Facebook games and we will explain why these games are still popular for the internet game lovers.

# 1: Marvel Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance coverThe game of Avengers Alliance provides all the fun one can dream about. If you have had some dream of seeing Ghost Rider, She-Hulk and Mr. Fantastic fighting together with Dormammu, then you are a step closer towards your dream. Click and experience the great breath taking fight between these super powers. The Avengers Alliance offers an intense combat system that is full with excitement and fun. Watch five classes of hero casting a huge rock, paper, scissors or Hulk element to fight. You just have to open it to get the full excitement.

# 2: KingsRoad

KingsRoad coverKeep it aside from your memory and suppose we are talking about the game, which manages to appear and play as same as a Diablo- inspired loot hunt on the Facebook and get ready to be smashed by this. The game planner has found out how to make it better while still making it suitable for the quick burst of gameplay that almost all Facebook game lovers are looking for. However, the Quest hardly can take more than a few minutes when jumping in to multiplayer option is a simple pushover.

# 3: Pepper Panic Saga

Paper Panic Saga coverWell, you may call the Pepper Panic Saga and the Farm Heroes saga same as from the match 3 maker king, but the truth is these games propose a few more bite compared to their candy-crushing progenitor. The game of Paper Panic Saga absolutely pins the spirit, it gives players not only tasks of matching papers but to create explosive combos to be safe from the paws of the dastardly cat.

# 4: Chat Fu
Chat fuEveryone will say that multiplayer games are great to play, but do not we often find it hard to manage a friend to give us company? However, Chat Fu is a kind of game that can drag your friends while you will be playing it. You just have to manage your friends to say a word. However, you cannot use some specific words in the conversation to push you friend in the right direction.

# 5: Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures coverYou may wonder thinking about what Plants vs. Zombies would play like it is like the traditional tower defense game. The Plants vs. Zombie Adventures will answer the question, and the answer will be good and suitable. It is all about playing your favorite zombies and plants in different mode as the game developer have designed 3D- model this time around.

# 6: Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga coverThis game can be a fine one that has plenty of variety and surprising well-designed levels. The game also does a great job of casting various objectives in your way. However, in the game, a task with landing Papa Pear in the buckets may be given to you. The unusual presentation and numerous challenges are going to hold you on your pachinko-loving toes.

# 7: Words of Wonder

Words of Wonder coverWe all are well aware about words games that we like it pretty much, although, we often find in uninspired. However, this Words of Wonder game is not coming with such problem as the game is designed with “build the best word you can” mechanics with some challenges that can be found in modern match-3 games. In the game, you have to make free specific trapped letters, lower in feathers to the bottom of the board. The game is unique, simple and brilliant to play.

# 8: Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones Ascent coverThe game is like any fine fantasy saga. The game contains a strong narrative that makes this game of throne a cultural phenomenon. The game is completely story-driven that demands decisions and nobility. The Ascent let players go on their own quest for the Iron Throne, and the journey comprised with the burden of leadership.