Color-Changing LED Potion Desk Lamp

Color-Changing LED Potion Desk Lamp


It’s time to bring the potion home with you with this LED Potion Desk Lamp. This little bottle may not look like much, but it’s filled with magic.

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Tap the base and invoke the word “LUMOS!” to light it up. Tap it and whisper “Colovaria” to make it magically change color. Give it a tap and say, “I don’t actually have to say anything because this lamp is touch-activated” to switch colors again. That’s right. It’s like an old-fashioned tap-on/tap-off light except you tap this one to change modes: solid red, green, yellow, blue, or a slow fade across the spectrum. A sensor combined with an LED in the base does all the work for you. All you have to do is plug it in and let the magic happen. LED Potion Desk Lamp is perfect for fans of RPGs of all types and fans of chemistry.


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